Goalify Chat is an application for communicating and it will make your team work in an efficient flow.

Goalify Chat makes your ideas sharing and decisions making a lot smoother.

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Goalify Chat, simplify your communications.

The features and the UI are mainly designed for business discussion. Unlike Messenger, Viber, Zalo, Skype, etc, Goalify Chat reduces the gap and enhances the chatting experience.

Managing by channels.

Conversations are organized by topics, projects. groups, ideas, pet hobbies or even a secret project to surprise your co-worker.

Searching and sharing with ease.

The user can easily search for sent file, decisions, conversations or discussions with smart finding algorithms like @mention, #hashtag.

Live Chat.

Live Chat is available to embed on your websites.

You do not have to be involved in a meeting or a discussion to catch up with the news.

Goalify Chat is not only a "chat" application but also a supportive tool to increase your workflow with integrated services for exclusive uses of business.
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Mobile Apps

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To-do-list helps you efficiently manage and organize your works.

Target & Result

Individuals and groups can set and manage their goals. Tracking progress under a limit of time.